Being a blogger allows me to write, to tell my stories, and share my experiences and encounters with my readers.
Writing racks my brain, forces me to find nice twists to my stories and add an element of suspense or excitement to my narration. It allows me to play with words, dig up new expressions and learn as I go! It is a creative means that helps me set off the effect of the parroting I am required to do as an interpreter when I have to convey what the speaker is saying instead of saying things of my own.
Recently, Eliane, an old friend of mine whom I had not seen in what seemed like ages texted to tell me she has shown her school students my blog. She wanted them to understand that writing is still very in these days, and asked for my help.
We agreed to allow an article written by one of them to be posted on Jam and Jumpsuits. It is a great pleasure for me to know that my blog is being read by members of the new generation, and I hope it truly motivates them to read and express themselves in writing.
This is therapy for me, and I am grateful to know a whole class has gone through my articles and was excited to be featured on my website. The blog is my platform, my space, where I can let my story telling skills go wild. And in the below article, you will read from Marianne Zahr, Grade 7, from the Saints Cœurs School of Ain Najm.
Thank you Marianne for taking the time to write about your family trip. I hope I can read your own blog one day, maybe soon! Lots of love to you and to Grade 7!
An unforgettable family trip, by Marianne Zahr
My family had scheduled a short trip to Dubai. I was so excited to know about the activities we had planned.
We boarded the 4AM flight to ensure we land early and have the rest of the day to enjoy ourselves.
We checked into the majestic Atlantis hotel, a Dubai must visit, and after quickly unpacking, we headed directly to the big aquarium and reveled in the big variety of sea creatures that call it home.
Our first evening there had to include the sight of the marvelous fountain. The view was incredible. The water danced to the rythm of the music and the lights were in sync to perfect the performance. What a remarkable landmark!
Two days later, we boarded a taxi and headed to our next destination, the renowned Ferrari World.
From the very first glance, it was an impressive complex with a big chain of hanging rails, hosting the fastest roller coaster in the world. We bought our tickets and finally made it through the long queue. We took our seats, buckled up, and off it went! All I could remember were my very loud screams. The speed was dizzying, the flipping of the carriage so scary.  Yet I felt this was the  best and most adrenaline-inducing game I played in the Ferrari World.
My horrified expression says it all!

My horrified expression says it all!

Another highlight of our trip was the “Dolphin Bay”. I wanted to swim with the dolphins, watch their fascinating performance. I put on the uniform and got into the water. It felt cold and tasted as salty as sea water: Apparently dolphins cannot survive in different conditions.
The trainer stood by the dolphin, then whistled for it to remain put. He asked me to get closer and kiss it. I obliged with great pleasure! Then my new mammal friend took me for a swim on his back. It swerved and moved with such agility, I felt this was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.
As happy as I can be!

As happy as I can be!

It was one pleasant trip, rife with beautiful memories and very fun moments that I am happy to share with people I know!
Marianne Zahr.
SSCC Ain Najm
Grade 7