Layering is the key

Layering is the key

With the fall season in full swing and the temperatures starting to cool down, the primary fashion rule would be layering your outfits so you can easily adapt to the sudden change of weather that is so typical of autumn.

This is how I remembered one outfit I had worn during my summer vacation and which would perfectly fit the new season!


Oops I forgot my jacket!

It was July this year, and I was in New York visiting my sister and my best friend. The weather was so soft and so nice, not Mediterranean-like July heat, and the sun gave us breaks as if it knew that we needed to roam the city non-stop all day and could not put up with the heat all the time.



The temperature was mild, and since I am the kind to chill easily, when in the shade I could not but be thankful for the last-minute idea of bringing my denim jacket.

I had packed this jumpsuit as a must, it was one of my favorite outfits for its comfortable feel and flattering cut. Its vertically striped fabric helped me feel taller, and I was so proud of my fit body after months of hard work and healthy diet that I felt self-confident when clad in it.

20160616_100155Normally, had I had a chauffeur driving me around the Big Apple, I would have paired it with some open toe and thick heeled boots for summer, or some ankle-length suede pair for fall. But knowing that I only had my own feet to rely on and a pedometer challenge to rise to, my favorite white Nike Airmax was de jour and oh how wise was I to pack it with me to NY.


Breakfast at Pain Quotidien

My feet were pampered all day and my senses relished the experience of walking around the city. Once again I felt that pair has been the most cost-effective one in my life!


My choice of adding a fedora hat was made as I felt the need for an extra funky touch.

It all came to perfection as I was heading towards TJ Max for some crazy discounted shopping and found this beautiful wall graffiti. Naturally, posing had to follow, and it was the sweetest ending for a beautiful July afternoon in New York.

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