Fashion is not all about the latest trends and the must have items for every season. It is about how you wear them and whether you feel they truly flatter your silhouette, highlight your strengths, complete and even beautifully contrast with who you are.


It is art, and art is free. One’s man drawing is another man’s drunk scribbling, and even if you decide to embrace one trend a few years late, it would still work if you know the right way to approach it.

That is my story with pants, jeans and everything in between. I had always been a big fan of dresses, skirts, shorts and all that is extremely feminine and classic. I abhorred buying denim pants and owned only one which stayed put from season to season, all because I kept it for the time when my friends decide to go on picnic! I always thought I would be giving up a big part of myself if I ever had to work in a place that only allowed trousers and banned skirts. I even wished Gabrielle Chanel had not had this crazy idea of introducing pants to a woman’s world, and had thought of fueling our emancipation differently! dsc_9449

My whole perspective of a woman’s look evolved and my rigid fashion mentality softened a lot recently when I had a baby and had to run after him, sit on the floor with him and crawl like he does if it made him crawl faster!

I started paying a greater attention to trousers, carefully appreciating the materials they are made of, verifying how comfortable they could be and how easy of a movement they can provide, whether their cut makes me shorter than I already am, and if their waist height becomes my petite silhouette.

dsc_9504I have recently found some beautiful camo style pants in a local boutique in Lebanon, with a stylish white shirt that seemed to go perfectly with them. The shirt was on display and grabbed my attention, and I had started seeing it on famous street-style bloggers. I did not expect it to look flattering on me, but the secret lied in its cinched waist that made me look slender, and even more so in 5 inch heels! Then, it was time for a few pictures so I can share with you the final result!dsc_9447