I was invited to attend the Mad Cosmetics Lash event held in PN spa located near Villagio Entrance 4, and the owner of Mad herself Ms. Marwa Jaber had come all the way to Doha to meet with clients and with the beautiful ladies of Doha, and tell us more about her designs.

I had a chat with the young Arab entrepreneur who is fond of everything hair and lashes related. She turned her passion into reality when she launched Mad Cosmetics, and has been resorting to India and Indonesia to get her Mad Lashes manufactured. Her designs include both real and synthetic hairs, and accommodate all different eye shapes and forms. In other words, any lady can find a set of lashes she likes in the collection, depending on the occasion she needs them for or her own personal preference.

A detail that has spoken to the writer in me is her choice of edgy names for each set, all derivatives of the term Mad, which makes them easier to memorize. I myself chose the Loco for it was the shortest set and gave me a natural effect for my every day look. The Nutty set for instance is long but not too thick, while the Gaga is a 3D mink hair set guaranteed to give you a dramatic look for your evenings.


Another highlight of the products is that they are cheaper than any such items of the same quality, and they are sold worldwide at the same price if you buy them from department stores not salons. They can be used over and over again up to 25 times, and some up to 50 times.

They come with a nutritious glue containing castor, almond and other essential oils, which helps your own lashes grow and preserves them from the effects of make up and mascara.

According to Marwa, the lashes must be fixed on clean and mascara-free natural lashes, and she advised against applying mascara to them to preserve the natural effect.

To wear them is very simple. You apply the glue to the transparent tip, and you place them at the base of your eye lid starting from the inside part of your eye, the side closer to your nose. Make sure your eye is closed so they sit comfortably at the base and your lid does not shake.

They may be worn for 16 hours straight, and you may remove them with your fingers gently starting from the outer part.

Mad lashes are briefly said a nice addition to the beauty world, born out of the creativity of an Arab lady, and I wish Marwa all the success is her hard work.

I myself will be trying on my Loco set until it expires, maybe then I would have the courage to go for bigger and thicker.

For Qatar customers, you can shop the lashes on the website, from different department stores in Doha, and from PN spa.