Christmas had barely gone by with its plethora of activities, feasts, gift extravaganza and tumult of carols that Valentine’s day seems to be just around the corner. Not a month goes by without its share of celebrations, and one may find themselves worn out and unable to keep up.

The flurry of suggestions for holidays, be it outings, outfit ideas, food items or even themed decorations may seem to have a counter productive effect as some could feel it devoids the occasion from its essence. Many complain Valentine’s is just another day where we allow ourselves to be bombarded by a red colored consumption madness.

But why can’t it be a sweet kind of madness like the one that swept us off our feet when we felt the first tickle of love? Why can’t it be an occasion to profess the love we have for each other yet again, and to make an effort to prep ourselves for our Valentine’s dates?

Isn’t that what relationships are about? Pulling continuous efforts? Never taking anything for granted and learning to live happily with the changes that may occur along the way?

Valentine’s could be the perfect way to celebrate this brew of feelings that overtake us on a weekly if not on a daily basis. We may think we have gained a large and varied enough experience along the years to better be capable of controlling our emotions. But we are humans, and we feed off love. we breathe, sing, and relish love. Love makes us who we are, and on love we thrive. Love quarrels may hurt, may deprive us of sleep, and may even shake us to our very core, but don’t we just love the aftermath? We do not come out unscathed, but they chisel us, they leave marks that only we may know of. It is passionate, it is emotionally driven and it is never dry nor dull.

That is the essence of long term relationships. And nothing is more irrelevant than considering it too silly to celebrate. It does not have to be with gifts, not even flowers. It could just be a thought, a silent prayer, the humming of a cheesy love song, a knowing glance, or the intertwining of the fingers and a gentle press on the hand when something has been jointly picked up on. It is these small things in life that make it worthwhile, and Valentine’s day is but another of those.

Happy Valentine’s everyone!