Those following me know how obsessed I have been with color red this winter season. And I can honestly say I have worn my share of red outfits. Especially during the Christmas vacation, and a little before and after as well. Maybe way before and well after Christmas had ended! Maybe even until now. Oh God, help me stop thinking of red, and maybe designers could get inspired to use everything but red in the spring and summer collections.

So to transition from a winter and red kind of mood into a softer tone, I chose this pink dress by non other than H&M, paired with my new red Aldo pumps and Philip Lim bag, and this amazing Tommy jacket I found two days ago. It adds an edge to an outfit that may otherwise seem too formal, and it helps me cover the unnecessary gape in the back of the dress. In fact, H&M decided the dress would only zip halfway through the back, and the rest would be showing through a vertical gap that would not have helped the two sides stay together if it were not for the upper button. Too bad because otherwise this dress would have been perfect.


So yes there may be a little twist and turn away from the usual all red outfit, and it is a welcome change now that spring is around the corner.

How did you spend your Valentine’s day and what was your OOTD?