When temperatures start dropping, albeit slightly, I seize every opportunity I get to start layering my outfits. In Doha, indoors are always air conditioned, and it can get pretty chilly especially in malls and hotels, so having a light cardigan and a scarf can come in handy.


I was on my way back home from a short morning gig, and I barely had an hour to take Jamie out before his sacred noon nap. I did not bother changing into sneakers, and it was a good opportunity to take few nice stills at the park while he was riding his bike before he demands my attention again.


My fashion mood has been tuned to the new season even before it began: since I ended my extended vacation and returned to Doha by mid-September, I was no longer keen on wearing bright summer colors, and I found myself by default leaning towards neutrals and warm hues, eager to try on long sleeves and thicker fabrics. Now the season change has finally begun, and I am beside myself with the new shopping ideas it presents and the holidays and festivities it brings about.

I love the fall terracotta palette for it goes so well with my complexion and my hair color. From medium brown to beige, its warmth is the perfect choice to channel an autumn feel, even if it is still relatively warm in the daytime in Qatar. I had bought the cardigan in different shades from Forever 21, and the camel shoes are from Zara. But it was the tote that a lot of people swooned over, and they were surprised when I told them it is by Parfois from two or three seasons ago, at barely 40$! It had proved to be one of the most cost-efficient purchases I ever made:  the material it was made from withstands all weather changes between Beirut and Doha, its size allows me to fit everything I need, especially when traveling, and if it is not overly filled, you barely feel it on your shoulder, which is not what I can say about most of my other bags!

Below are the pics! Enjoy!

20161102_105059  20161102_105154