It is customary for Lebanese Christians on Palm Sunday to celebrate a ceremonial church mass with their children best dressed and holding a beautiful color coordinated candle. In Qatar however, that day is celebrated on a Friday, the official weekly day off. Preparations begin a week or two earlier, as parents rush to children fashion outlets and are on the lookout for beautiful candles or candle decorations and accessories for mostly DIY Palm candles.

My personal children’s favorite outfitter remains Mamas and Papas, and it did not disappoint me this year either. Mom had visited us a week earlier, and had surprised me with a beautiful handcrafted candle in beige and brown hues, so I had to select his outfit accordingly.


I went for a light taupe and white palette for him, with a navy blue tie, and thought the navy Converse shoes he owns would add the casual bad boy touch I have been going for in his recent outfits. He had gotten a fresh hair cut two days earlier, and no need to say he looked absolutely dapper in them!




As for me, I had purchased a beautiful dotted H&M dress, in a length that has become my favorite, and I paired it with my kitten heeled Valentino Rockstud pumps because I knew I was going to stand for a long time and may have to run after Jamie. The bag is my Drew by Chloe, and my dotted sunglasses are a discounted find by Dolce and Gabbana that I brought back with me from my last summer stay in New York. I did my own makeup, but the sun was too hot to take off the shades and show you.





Happy Palm Sunday everyone!