My love of midi skirts started when I was a little girl and grew stronger when I moved into Qatar. My work as a conference interpreter demands a proper work attire that falls within my ultra feminine fashion preferences so I have found in midis the perfect outfit to guarantee modesty yet maintain an edgy fashionable look.


So much so that I found out I have a whole collection of them that I could not see properly before I moved out into a bigger house and hung them in a bigger closet! One-colored, in prints, striped, with patterns, thin, thick, and in many many colors. These mesmerizing inventions have the virtue of shrinking women’s waists while hiding any potential excessive curves, and the trend today is to tone down their sophisticated nature by pairing them with t-shirts, sports sweaters and sneakers for a more street style appearance.


But nothing can take away from the grace and allure that wearing heels with a midi can give, and I feel I am floating as if it were my practical and comfy version of donning a long gala dress.

This brown skirt I am wearing here is from three years ago by Zara. I truly believe it will be a timeless piece, and I would definitely wear it with some Converse or sneakers for walking in malls or for long strolls during my travels.


The taupe shoes and bag are my way of completing the earthy palette and avoid taking anything away from the strong skirt color.


And one secret confession : when you see me with an updo, it is not for the purpose of channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn, it is simply because I am having a very bad hair day!