As I was rummaging through my picture files, trying to put some order into the millions of data space they have occupied, I fell upon this very last photo shoot I did with my little Jamie prior to boarding the plane back to Doha from an extended winter break he had spent in the Lebanese mountains.

That vacation I must say is one I would not want to reminisce about often: I sustained a leg injury while skiing, and it cost me tremendous pain and an inability to walk, work out or wear heels for eight subsequent weeks. But the fashion fanatic in me could not just leave back to the dessert without enjoying the winter sun and snow that heaven had generously bestowed on us. I also would not have it in any other pair of shoes than my favorite lace trimmed ankle boots with heels as high as those Loubie stilettos that served as the world famous cover of The Devil Wears Prada (the book, not the movie of course), by Lauren Weisberger, one of my favorite chick-lit authors.


The shoot could surely not go on without the star Mr. Jamie, who insisted on running on the snow, enjoying having his mama call after him in a game that only he seemed to relish. I may look at ease in the pictures, but I am going to great lengths trying to avoid the sharp pain that I feel when my knee gives. I had to stand differently, walk differently and even run differently than I normally do so as not to awaken the beast that is my hamstring injury.

That dress you see me wearing is a great find I purchased right before my Christmas trip at my all time favorite store, Zara. They had it on display with a big black hat. The whole look seemed so French, so elegant, I had to have it. But I decided to add the belt to highlight my small waist , and wanted to raise it by wearing heeled boots. If you had been following my winter fashion posts, you would have seen that I was crazy in love with everything plaid, especially when red was involved.


And today, as spring has sprung, I am exhilarated to see maxi dresses are so in vogue, because boy I am going to use and abuse the trend this summer! Maxis make me feel like a princess, and I believe they are such a flattering style. They demand a specific design for every body type, and the fabric itself plays the most important of roles. I cannot wear very stretchy material for a maxi for I am petite and I do not have a model’s body. Hence, this Zara dress made of cotton helped camouflage my flaws while its button down design highlighted my hourglass figure. It was so comfortable, and could be easily worn with flat boots if you had to be on the move during the day.

It is one of my favorite statement pieces, and I am sure to wear it again next season!

Dress by Zara, Boots by Miss Selfridge (4 seasons ago!)


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